The following is an excerpt from Office Hours: Spanked and Spent, a BDSM female submission spanking erotica. Available for purchase on Amazon (Kindle), Niteflirt (PDF), and ManyVids (PDF).

On a stress-filled afternoon close to finals week, Professor Thomas H. Dick sipped his coffee while grading his students’ creative writing assignments. The sudden knock at his office door startled him out of contemplating what scathing commentary he could write on another student’s poorly conceived fan fiction. Though he had office hours weekly at this time, no one ever showed up.

His door creaked open. “Um, hi Professor D,” Sammy, a shy but pretty young undergraduate greeted the professor with his nickname. He always asked his students to address him with only the first letter of his last name, as the immature idiots could never keep a straight face saying his full name. The girl continued, “I was just wondering if you have a little bit of time just to look at a story that I wrote.”

Professor Dick peered over his glasses at the girl, who wore a v-neck black top and plaid black-and-white skirt. Her wavy waist-length black hair with crimson highlights brushed the crests of her curvy hips. “Sammy… We just went over your stories earlier today in class, didn’t we?” He grumbled inwardly that his students never seemed to pay attention.

Sammy shuffled her feet shyly, clutching her folder primly to her flat stomach. Above the folder, he spied with a gulp the two taut nipples poking through the thin black cotton. “Uh, yeah, I know we just had writing class today, but I was just a little bit shy to talk about this one in class. I’m not really sure if it’s appropriate for the class.”

Professor Dick sighed. “Oh come now, Sammy. You’re in college now young lady, not grade school.”

She blushed faintly. “Oh, well, yeah, I mean I know we’re all adults here, but it’s a little risqué. And I know that you’re really open-minded, but I don’t know about my classmates, you know?” Sammy bit her pink glossy lip nervously. Inadvertently, his glance fell on her long bare legs, crossing and uncrossing below the short plaid skirt.

“Oh well, that’s what office hours are for,” he grunted. Did he see a flicker of flirtation in those dark eyes? “I’ll take a look for you.”

“Oh, thank you! That would be really great if you could just take a look at it.” As she balanced her folder on one knee to fish out the papers, he caught a glimpse down her shirt at two perky little breasts and coughed uncomfortably. “Well, here it is. It’s, um, it’s really not that long. I could just give it to you and you could just read it and I’ll just sit outside. And just let me know when you’re done, okay?”

A bit flustered, Professor Dick snatched the papers from her. Was this silly undergraduate trying to flirt with him? He grimaced at the nerve. “Sure, I should be done with this in ten minutes.”

“Okay, thank you so much, Professor!”

He shifted in his seat and waved her away dismissively. “Just come back in ten minutes, no need to knock.”

“Yeah, okay, I’ll be back.” He felt a twitch in his pants as he watched her round ass swish from side to side as she clacked out the door in high heels.

As he started reading the story, he clucked disapprovingly to see the juvenile bubbly lettered handwriting. Couldn’t she have bothered to type it? And those misspellings… well, he could hardly understand how such a girl could have been accepted to this prestigious institution.

Reaching down to adjust his pants around an uncomfortable erection, he muttered to himself, thinking about how he’d like to give a girl like that a really solid spanking on her insolent behind.

Squinting through his bifocals to continue the story, he almost choked on his coffee.

On the very first page, the little devil had written nothing more than cliched, pornographic smut, worse than any bargain basement pulp fiction he’d seen in his day. Then Mr Cockerson shoved Sally down on his desk, puling down her pants, and spanked her dilicious round ass as hard as he could…

Professor Dick gritted his teeth and fumed at the outrageous nerve of this shy-seeming bimbo to submit such filth story for his review. He slammed the paper down in a huff, then adjusted his pants yet again as his erection swelled even more, torn between lust and righteous indignation.

As he picked the paper up on second thought, and started circling the profuse errors in bright red ink, his door creaked open again. Sammy waltzed in, an expression of exaggerated innocence on her face, as if she had never done anything wrong in her life.

“So, Professor D! So you finished my story-” she greeted him cheerily.

He cut her off curtly. “It’s downright obscene.”

“Um,” she laughed nervously, and he couldn’t tell if it was feigned. “You think it’s obscene?”


“Well, I guess it is a little obscene,” she lilted flirtatiously. “But you know, like you said, we’re all adults in this class, and well, I know you’re a really open-minded person, aren’t you?”

Professor Dick felt like a kettle read to boil. Gritting his teeth, he reached over Sammy’s shoulder, firmly pressing her torso down onto his desk, leaving her insolent rear sticking out opposite from him.

“I’ll show you open-minded, young lady,” he grunted through clenched teeth. He’d had enough of this teasing brat.

To read more, purchase Office Hours: Spanked and Spent on Amazon (Kindle), Niteflirt (PDF), orManyVids (PDF).

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