Hiding out in the cupboard of an elderly woman’s apartment, six-inch-tall Brian is content with the simple squatter’s life he leads. But when the bold, brash adult cam model Midnight takes her place as the tenant, it turns his life upside-down. Faced with being kicked to the curb or getting used as a toy on Midnight’s explicit cam show, Brian embarks on a terrifyingly titillating adventure… (Kindle eBook Blurb)

I’m thrilled to be able to present my debut entry to the SizeRiot size fetish writing contest, a quarterly contest hosted by Aborigen in which size fantasy writers have 30 days to write fiction related to the chosen theme. For April 2020, my story placed #1 in “Sexiest”, #5 in “Great Intro”, and #4 for “Want to Read More from this Author.”

Below is the abridged version submitted to the contest, but the juicy original unabridged version is now available as a Kindle ebook!


Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being a Cam Girl’s Sex Toy

by Sammy Rei Schwarz


“Are you ready for this?”

My stomach shudders with nervous excitement. A tiny bead of sweat slides down my inner thigh where it tickles maddeningly. My arm jerks involuntarily to scratch it, even though I know the rubber rings fastening my naked body in place won’t budge.

“Ready as I‘ll ever be,” I call, knowing the professional seductress Miss Midnight Black isn’t talking to me. Still, she hears me and gives me an encouraging wink.

Turning away from me and back to the webcam, her glistening naked body looks like a living statue, her tattooed skin and pierced nipples a majestic mural. Even as she kneels, oiling her soft round breasts with a teasing laugh, she towers over me like a monument.

Feeling thousands of eyes on me, present in the room only through the stream of chat messages popping up on her screen, I stare up at the dark blue ceiling where Midnight has painted the sun, moon, and stars. Only I can see this. What the faceless virtual audience sees: a naked woman with black bobbed hair, a tiny naked man, and a fucking machine.

The fucking machine stands behind the naked woman, who smiles and massages a nipple between purple-nailed fingertips; the little man is bound face-up to the dildo attached to the machine.

That’s me.

Suddenly, a shadow falls over my face. Looming above me is the jet-black tangle of her mound, the deadly sweet flower of her vulva.

“Guys. You know I’ve been waiting forever for this,” she sighs. “Just a thousand more tokens before I get to take my little friend Brian inside me…”

As she lowers herself to slide herself back and forth across my bare body, I feel my hard cock twitch violently. I almost forget I’m about to do something that utterly terrifies me.


Midnight and I have been building up to this for weeks. This will be the show to get her back to number one on her cam site. With an influx of competition, she’s been looking for something novel to set her show apart.

Somehow, the stakes seem higher for me: if it isn’t a success, it’s back to the streets for me. That’s the deal we struck: I have to earn my keep.

You see, I’m not supposed to be here. I don’t have a penny to my name or anything else that makes a person count in this goddamn capitalist society. There aren’t many survivors of the global shrinking pandemic of ’29. But me? I’m the same guy I’ve always been, except smaller.

To be precise, I’m six inches and four millimeters tall. Midnight jokes with her fans that I’m cock-sized, which would make me the perfect cam girl sex toy. 

Guess we’re about to find out.


Nothing prepares you for being naked and helpless in front of thousands of anonymous viewers. Still, my boner doesn’t seem to mind the sensation of Midnight’s nether lips sliding up and down the length of my body—an overwhelming yet magical full-body experience that lights every nerve on fire.

A chime sounds from her computer.

“Thanks, SizeFreak666! We’re almost there…” she enthuses, narrowing her massive thighs and pressing down harder upon me and the dildo as she grinds.  I gasp as the firm nub of her clit brushes across my face, setting the saliva glands in my mouth to tingling.

“Who’ll take us the rest of the way? God, I’ve waited so long…” she pouts. “I don’t think my pussy can wait any longer to take little Brian all the way…”

I stick out my tongue for a taste as she slides across me again, eliciting a moan that sounds quite genuine. Her musk electrifies me like a drug, making it hard to remember how much I resented her when she first came into my life.


Before Midnight moved in, things were just about perfect. That is, as perfect as life can get for a six-inch mutant with no money or friends.

I’d stumbled upon the place by accident one autumn day while escaping a blood-crazed feline. Hard of sight and hearing, the grumpy old tenant didn’t notice when I made my home-sweet-home right under her nose.

Then the elderly renter moved out, and Miss Midnight moved in.

Quite unlike her predecessor, the infuriatingly agile Midnight turned the apartment inside-out in a matter of days, crouching down and standing on stools to clean and beautify every nook and cranny of her new space.

It kept me constantly on my tiny toes.

Several times, I ducked out of sight just as a giant hand swooped into a cupboard to grab a snack, or her big black eyes squinted at the back of a tall bookshelf looking for a misplaced paper. One time, I nearly jumped into her lap when she cranked her horrible music to maximum volume.

Every close call sent me into a feverish sweat, followed by impotent rage. How dare this lumbering, gum-chewing, death metal-listening giantess steal my solitary paradise?

Still, I found myself peeking from behind potted plants or over the rims of open drawers for a glimpse: the silver glint of her navel ring as she painted her ceiling, towering like a skyscraper on her ladder; the beads of sweat mixed with paint sliding down the majestic valley of her cleavage as she crouched to select a brush.

It was only a matter of time before I slipped up.


Now, that same woman is grinding her swollen vulva across my helpless naked body and streaming it online for cash. And I’m a willing victim.

Abruptly, her face hovers above me with a wicked smile, black hair tousled with the force of her passion.

“Look at that little stiffie!” she teases, a great finger swooping down to trail a nail across my aching member. A click tells me she’s switched camera angles to expose my vulnerable arousal close-up. “He can’t wait to get inside me. Can you, little Brian?”

Still dizzy from the scent of being mauled by her powerful sex, I gape at the lovely upside-down face.

“Tell me, Brian. Tell everyone.” Her voice becomes softer and sweeter with every word. “Say you need to be inside my pussy.”

“I… I…” As I stutter, the smile freezes on her purple lips ever so slightly. Finally, I find the words. “I… need… your pussy to swallow me whole, Midnight. Please.”

The genuine pleading in my voice surprises even me.

A radiant smile spreads across her face. “I have a soft spot for men who ask for what they want,” she purrs, with a tone of genuine approval that I didn’t realize I’d been longing for. As her hot fingertip tilts up my chin to meet her gaze, my twig-like erection twitches and a bead of moisture seeps out.

I know she’s caught every detail on camera, because the computer starts chiming like a phone left off the hook. The clink of coins falling into our piggy bank, I muse.


And suddenly, with a slight vibration and whir of machinery, I’m moving.


One evening after Midnight moved in, I risked departing my hiding place to raid her kitchen cabinet. As I climbed out hugging a half-eaten bag of M&Ms, strange noises reached my ears from Midnight’s room.

Approaching her open bedroom door, I felt my cheeks redden.

Something electronic. Wet. Rhythmic. Moaning.

As I neared the door frame, I knew I should just creep away, but I couldn’t help myself. Peering around, I expected to see her satisfying herself with a vibrator.

What I actually saw: Midnight fully naked on her hands and knees, penetrated from behind by a machine-controlled dildo, broadcast onto a large screen.

In, out, in, out.

As my jaw dropped, my prize fell to the ground, spilling its contents across the hardwood floor with a sickening pitter-patter.

“What the fuck?” she exclaimed, scrambling around so hastily that she almost knocked over her sex machine. As she turned off the big screen to terminate the broadcast, I stood glued to the spot like a cornered mouse.

Crouching down cautiously, she extended a purple fingernail towards me with curiosity. Tilting my head up to meet her eyes, she exclaimed, “You’re… You’re one of the shrunken ones.”

Then she retracted her finger, the ire returning to her expression.

 “I don’t know how you got in here but I do not appreciate being spied on by perverts without my consent.” With these words, she plucked me up by the collar like a dirty rag and began towards the door. “No matter how small.”

“Please… wait!” I cried, kicking my legs futilely. “I can explain. Please.”

She paused for a moment, then turned to deposit me on the kitchen table. Eying me suspiciously, she brewed herself coffee, then poured some into a saucer for me.

“Okay, Mister Tiny. Talk.”

As I awkwardly lapped up the steamy fragrant liquid, she made me explain everything—how I became small, how I came to live in her apartment, why I was standing at her bedroom door with stolen candy in my arms.

Taking a slow sip, she knitted her brows. Then she stated matter-of-factly, “So you’re a parasite?”

“Well that’s not quite-“ I began, but she cut me off.

“I’ll let you stay on one condition: you earn your keep.”


I’m flying. My whole body thrusts back and forth, making me think of riding a mechanical bucking bronco. I’m starting to feel like a goldfish shaken around in a plastic bag.

Then she switches the machine off. “You’re doing great, little Brian.” She smiles down at me, a blur of black hair and purple lipstick. “Now that everyone can see how this works, it’s time to let them see you inside me.”

I nod, then yelp as she wraps her fingers around me and rotates the dildo with one firm twist. “He’s ready for you guys now… Do it. Fuck me.”

As the computer chimes, I plunge into the soft, sweet darkness, sliding slowly back and forth. It feels heavenly, indulgent, like diving into a warm vat of honey, her moaning vibrations penetrating my core. The ridges of her tunnel caress every surface of my body—face, chest, erection.

I surface to catch a breath, then the computer chimes again, plunging me back into her salty depths. The more it chimes, the faster the machine thrusts. I want to drink her all in, but every nerve signals danger, my mind ablaze with a jumble of fear and desire.


As I’m thrust faster and faster, her spongey G-spot assaults my pulsing erection until it’s all I can feel. No struggling limbs, no suffocating lungs—only that throbbing, driving need.

As her walls constrict me in a fierce embrace, I let go, spilling every drop of fear and hunger inside her as we ride wave after wave of pure, pulsating bliss.

As Midnight collapses in a mountainous heap, she switches off the machine and I hang limply in the afterglow.

“Congratulations, cam model number one-two-five-six-three,” announces an automated voice from the computer. “Your ranking is now… number… one. Please check your e-purse for details.”

With a groan, Midnight grabs the remote and shuts the stream off. Laying on her back, she pries me deftly from my sticky bondage, then drapes me like a wet kitten on her chest.

“Nice work, Brian!” She grins, settling her hands under her head. “We make a great team, don’t we?” In satisfied silence, we stare up at the painted sky on her ceiling.

Then she chuckles, “You’re hired.”

“I know,” I gloat, curling up into a little wet ball between her breasts.

So safe and warm; a perfect fit.

As I drift into a dreamless sleep, her whisper tickles my brow: “Welcome home.”



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Miss Sammy

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