The very first giantess erotic audio I created, Date With A Giantess, immerses the listener in the experience of going home from a bar with a beautiful woman, only to be shrunk and used mercilessly as a human dildo. (There’s an equally explicit companion erotic short story – read an excerpt here. You have been warned! 😈)

Since I love this fantasy so much, I was thrilled to receive a commission to continue the story with what happens the morning after! I had so much wicked fun creating this audio–this time with much more sophisticated recording, editing, and sound effects for a fully immersive experience. Now you can get in on the fun too:

It’s the morning after I lured you home from the bar only to shrink you and use you as a human dildo (check out Part 1, “Date With A Giantess”, my first ever Giantess audio porn!). Head still pounding, you wake up to me looming naked above you, tapping on the bars of your little cage. It doesn’t matter how much you plead–I’m horny and eager to use you again as my personal sex toy while I get ready for work, giving me the mindblowing hands-free orgasm I deserve!

“Date With A Giantess: Morning After” is now available for purchase on these sites:

CONTENT NOTES: It features: giant woman, implied shrunken penis-haver, pantyhose fetish, nipple worship, foot and hand worship, human sex toy, hands-free orgasm, captivity, birdcage.

Miss Sammy

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