Last night I received the message that hit me like a punch in the gut: AVN Stars, the platform I’ve been growing a presence on for a year now, will be suddenly ceasing all monetization at the end of the month.

No warning. Just like that. Talk about whiplash — the most recent message before that talked about their commitment to providing “a safe and positive place for creators to flourish without the worry of censorship or shadow-banning.” The kind of language that had seduced me into thinking this platform was different. Then in the very next message, it’s all over.

One minute bae promises you the moon, the next minute, you’re getting a break-up text. 😭

I’m crestfallen, not only because it was starting to feel like home, but because it’s yet another blow during a difficult time for our industry. We’re still reeling from the OnlyFans fiasco that so nearly snatched the livelihoods of so many sex workers away overnight (a situation which drove many to AVN Stars as a “safer” site for our work). A couple months ago, IWantClips mass-deactivated countless creators’ clip stores, citing payment processor compliance. Despite reaching out to Support, my clips are still languishing in “Under Review” purgatory, and it’s starting to feel like it might just be a step along the way to abandonment.

I don’t use the word “abandonment” lightly. I think it’s fair to say that these kinds of experiences hit adult performers emotionally. I know it’s a business, and business isn’t personal, right? But it sure feels personal.

RIP, dear AVN Stars page 🪦

Instability in any industry puts stress on workers. But erotic professionals already receive so many messages, both in our private lives and from society, that we are unsavory and unwanted. That our skills mean nothing, our work means less than nothing. That no matter whether our nuanced experiences say differently, we’re either a plague on society or voiceless victims to be rescued. We’re constantly ejected from mainstream platforms. So getting effectively booted from a platform that was supposed to be part of our world adds insult to injury.

And yes, societal stigma is the primary source of the tumultuous shifts we’ve been seeing in the sex industry online. SESTA/FOSTA, PornHub, OnlyFans. The ever-tightening compliance rules and often bizarre regulations implemented on many sites that keep us constantly on our toes. Sites like AVN did not create the conditions that lead to this. They probably really had every intention of sticking around.

Still, it hurts like a motherfucker when someone tells you they’ve got your back and then they don’t. When you’ve been burned so many times before, then you get your hopes up… then you get burned yet again.

I wish this post didn’t have such a gloomy tone. Despite the heartache, I truly adore my work and my lovely patrons, and intend to stick around as long as I can. Just let this be a reminder: support your favorite adult content creators today – we may not be here tomorrow.

Giant Hugs,

🌹 Miss Sammy 🌹

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