In a Bible-thumping backwater American town, a young woman with a few too many secrets is reluctantly marrying a boring “good Christian” man in the hopes of repairing her checkered reputation. It’s time to put her lurid past behind her and sacrifice truth for a comfortable lie. But in the middle of the ceremony, something supernatural happens, endowing her with MASSIVE power… and none of the pious judgemental hypocrites who have made her life hell will get away unscathed!

“Here Comes the Bride” is now available for purchase on these sites:

AUDIENCE: Gender neutral – focuses on POV of the Giantess, who interacts with a cast of characters including men and women.

(Thank you to The Wise Fool who requested this custom audio. Contact me to commission your own!)

CONTENT NOTES: Giantess, Growth, Size Fetish, Super Strength, Pussy Worship, Implied Vore, Rampage, Revenge, Horror, Gruesome, Macabre, Shrunken Person, Female Domination, Blasphemy, Church, Wedding, Supernatural, Transformation, Human Sex Toy, Human Dildo, Boss, Size Kink, Female Friendly, Queer Friendly, Gender Neutral

Miss Sammy

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