Pleased to announce my latest erotic masterpiece, Giantess World Order. I’ve been really digging into the world of audio production and think that it shows in this one — a full 20 minutes of sexy futuristic narrative complete with immersive sound effects.

Come listen to me ripping and stretching out of my clothes, crashing through buildings, and stomping down big city streets in my quest for world domination. And let me know what you think – would you want to live in my new world?

In the future, the globe is caught in the throes of World War III, and the government hires Dr. Schwarz, a top research scientist, to develop super-soldier technology to end the war. But when the day comes to test the new device on a the first crop of elite soldiers, she reveals that she has other plans. In fact, she’s going to use the device to absorb their size and grow into a world-dominating Giantess, then turn the globe into her own personal sex playground!

GENDER CONTENT: Feminine narrator shrinks and dominates other characters of unspecified gender. Suitable for listeners of all genders.

THIS AUDIO CONTAINS: Size Transfer, Growth, Mad Scientist, World Domination, Femdom, Audio Only, Shrink Ray, Shrink Fetish, Size Fetish, Size Kink, Rampage, Big City, Sci-Fi, Futuristic, SFX

Purchase it from one of these sites:

A giant thank you to The Wise Fool, who commissioned this piece. Contact me if you’re interested in commissioning your own!

Miss Sammy

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