Pleased to announce my latest sensual offering, Giantess Foot Dream. This is my first full-length video, lovingly crafted with utmost attention to both audio and visuals. (In keeping with my love of audio, I’ve also released it in an audio-only version for you to enjoy with your eyes closed!)

Come watch/listen to me seduce you into becoming my little plaything!

Sleep transports you to the world of your fantasies… I’ve grown to 50 feet tall, and before I continue growing, I seduce you into becoming a little plaything for my giant feet and luscious mouth. All while reminding you I’m not done growing yet. My power and beauty are limitless, and if you entertain me well, who knows what gigantic adventures your future could hold?

GENDER CONTENT: Giantess narrator addresses listener and implies the listener has a penis (referring to “bulge” in pants, instructions to “stroke it”, etc.)

FEATURING: Giantess foot play, size kink, size fetish, giantess growth, dream, fantasy, mesmerize, seductive, gentle giantess, sensual femdom, mouth play, mouth insertion, toes, toenails, giantess kiss

Purchase the VIDEO version from one of these sites:

Purchase the AUDIO ONLY version from one of these sites:

A giant thank you to the patron who commissioned this piece. Contact me if you’re interested in commissioning your own!

Miss Sammy

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