Who the heck are you?

Hey there! I’m Sammy Rei Schwarz, benevolently sadistic virtual Domina, erotica author, and pet-owning Giantess. I offer erotic services in the realm of Female Domination and Size Fetish, including audio and photo content, erotica, and live phone or chat sessions. In addition to my filthy exploits, I’m a nerdy grad student who loves sci-fi and comic books. I’m happily married and love exercising my creativity as an erotic professional.

I’m shy. Are you scary?

Only in the best possible way! While I thoroughly enjoy torturing my submissives, I’m a very open, non-judgemental, and approachable human. I understand what it’s like to feel sexually “different,” and I’m passionate about helping you explore your deepest, darkest desires in the most affirming way. If you’re looking for a Domme to yell at you and berate you non-stop, that’s not me. However, don’t think this makes me “soft.” Nothing pleases me more than making you suffer for my amusement! Finally and most importantly, I’m only interested in enthusiastically consensual BDSM relationships with my clients. Just as I expect you to respect my boundaries, it is also important to me to respect yours.

How can I contact you?

Due to spam issues, I do not publicly share my email address. You can contact me directly through any of the adult platforms I work on, or any of the public channels I have an account on such as Twitter or Reddit. Here is a complete list.

How can I book a live chat or phone session?

I accept appointments for live chat or phone sessions between 12 midnight to 8 AM PST. I offer phone sessions through Niteflirt and SextPanther, and text sessions through Niteflirt, SextPanther, and AVNStars. See the list of platforms here for direct links to these sites.

How can I purchase your content?

You can buy my audio porn on AVNStars, NiteFlirt, ManyVids, and IWantClips. You can buy my erotica for Kindle on Amazon, or as PDF on NiteFlirt, ManyVids, or IWantClips. Join my fanclub for lots of exclusive photos and audioclips on AVNStars.

How can I make a custom photo, audio, or erotica order?

I offer custom orders via AVNStars, NiteFlirt, or ManyVids. Contact me via your preferred platform to arrange the details. My estimated rates are found here. Once we arrange your order, you will tribute the full cost and I will put my heart into bringing your fantasy to life! (Please note: I retain the rights to all commissions, meaning that you may not use them commercially.)

How can I give you a gift?

Sweet of you to ask! You can find my wishlist here. If you’d like to make a gift, send an Amazon giftcard covering the cost of the item to my email address (contact me via one of my platforms for this info). Then I will purchase the item for myself, and take a picture once I receive it. I truly appreciate all the gifts I receive from my loyal patrons. It makes me feel truly valued!