I’ve been in the press recently, answering questions about sex work, sexuality, mental health, and more!

“Accessible Sex Toys: How Can the Sex Toy Industry Be More Inclusive?” by Hot Octopuss, Sept. 19, 2019. HotOctopuss.com

DISAFTERDARK MINI 26 a podcast by Andrew Gurza, Sept. 3, 2019. Andrew shared my worst experience traveling with a disability. Andrewgurza.com

“Why Aural Sex Sounds So Damn Good” by F. Leonora Solomon, July 30, 2019, thebigfling.com

“10 Stories About Having Anal Sex for the First Time that Explain Exactly What To Expect” by Caroline Colvin, July 15, 2019, Elite Daily

“Dominatrix reveals how becoming a sex worker has improved her mental health” by Emma Guinness, June 10. 2019, vt.co

“Making the most (and least) out of workplace crushes” by fdotleonora, May 28. 2019, ynotcam.com

“Will we all be bisexual in the future?” by Laura Abernethy, May 29. 2019, Metro.co.uk

“‘I mentally rehearse what to do’: The truth about sexual performance anxiety” by Kimberly McIntosh, May 17. 2019, The Guardian

“Bizarre sex toy feature has foot fetishists walking in the other direction” by Jessie Sage, May 1. 2019, Pittsburgh City Paper

“The Truth About Penis Size”, Dr. Sue’s Erotic Book Club, April 16. 2019, interviewed about upcoming erotica publications on the podcast In Bed With Dr. Sue

“Meet the woman who squashes men for sexual pleasure as a giantess” by Almara Abgarian, April 5. 2019, Metro.co.uk

“What is Giantess Porn?” by Jessie Sage, March 20. 2019, Pittsburgh City Paper