Do you appreciate me and want to show it with a gift? Below is a list of things I crave. If there’s something not on the list you think I might enjoy, feel free to inquire.

Follow the link to the online shop to see the current price, then tribute the amount as a giftcard with a separate note about what it’s for (message me to inquire how to send). I will use the gift to purchase it myself. Oftentimes, I will send you a non-explicit picture of myself enjoying your gift.

Your thoughtfulness is appreciated. šŸ’œ


This gift tells me you admire my creative mind, keen intellect, and lust for learning.

Sex Toys

This gift tells me you desire my greatest pleasure, both with partners and during delicious solo play.


This gift tells me you adore feasting your eyes on my sultry, sharp-yet-sweet style.


This gift tells me you know I deserve to be clad in the highest quality that highlights my wicked personality.